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Bottled Drinks

On a hot day you can take drinks at Vero with you wherever you are going.

Chocolate Beverages

Luxurious hot chocolate for the sophisticate palate.

Brewed Tea

We can offer a huge variety of tea's from around the World.

Espresso Beverages

Lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, mochas and many more from our own roasted beans

Frappuccino Blended Beverages

Cool down with the icy selection of our drinks.

Belgian Waffles

Huge selection of delicious Belgian Waffles with fruity toppings.

French Creps

Why not enjoy variety of our French Creps - maybe you will feel like you are on Champs-Elysees.

Italian Gelato

We do offer about nineteen flavors of real Italian Gelatos (Ice Creams). Perfect for the Summer


We bake our own cakes - they are always fresh.

Chocolate Truffles

Sometimes is good to spoil yourself with a chocolaty Belgian Truffle


The company has been established by three brothers, Peter - UK barista competitor, Jakub an entrepreneur and Daniel, who after eight years of selling coffee decided that they have sufficient knowledge and skills to create their own product. In 2012 the brothers started roasting coffee in Hampshire and selling it to coffee shops. The produce is roasted according to orders, therefore is always fresh and is bound to increase sales of any coffee shop. In 2015 the brother’s assortment has been extended by a huge selection of loose teas.

The shop itself is located in the prime location in Aldershot, it is where customers can view coffee being roasted on daily bases and admire loose teas stack on shelves.

Queen Mary

Did you know that almost a hundred years ago on the corner of Union Street and Grosvenor Road – the very same spot that VERO Waffle and Gelato is currently trading, was a building, which used to house a branch of furnishing company Courts and the restaurant Darracott’s – where Queen Mary regularly took tea in the 1920’s.

Mike Williamson from the Aldershot Historical Society said: “Queen Mary used to drink tea at Darracott’s – it was a place to be seen and people used to walk past to catch a glimpse of royalty.”


Vero Waffle and Gelato
One Union Street
01252 311 343

Opening Hours: Tue - Sat 9:00-17:30, Sun 11:00-1600


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We can supply our roasted coffee to other business. In stock we have freshly roasted coffee from Brazil, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Coffee can be delivered within 20 miles from Aldershot free of charge, minimum orders apply.

Please contact Peter for more information 01252 311 343

Coffee Roasting

Roasting coffee transforms properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste.
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. It is in the forests of the Kaffa region that coffee plant was discovered in the early 9th century. According to the legend a goat hoarder noticed the energizing effect the plant had on his flock. Since then coffee beans have been brewed and enjoyed by people.

Wholesale Prices

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Region: Central southern Ethiopia

Prime attributes: This coffee has a delicate cup profile. Strong floral of chamomile and jasmine interplaying with notes of dried apricot, honey. This coffee has a strong smell of caramel.

Roast: City, 100% Arabica

  Price £12/kg

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Region: Providencia, Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu Valley

Prime attributes: The bean has a blackberry, blood orange flavour with an underlying taste of toasted pistachio nut. This coffee is sweet all the way through to the finish with chocolate aftertaste.

Rost: City, 100% Arabica

Price £9.5/kg

Colombia Excelso Cauca

Region: South-western part of Colombia at the altitude of 1700m

Prime attributes: Coffee from that region is unique. It has a strong caramel like aroma and flavour with high acidity and medium body. It provides a well-balanced impression, is clean, mild with some sweet flower notes.

Roast: City, 100% Arabica

Price £10/kg

Brazil Santos

Region: Santos state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Prime attributes: Santos is nutty, sweet, low in acidity and develops exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast taste.

Roast: City, 100% Arabica

Price £9/kg


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