We can supply our roasted coffee to other business. In stock we have freshly roasted coffee from Brazil, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Coffee can be delivered within 20 miles from Aldershot free of charge, minimum orders apply.

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Coffee Roasting

Roasting coffee transforms properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste.
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. It is in the forests of the Kaffa region that coffee plant was discovered in the early 9th century. According to the legend a goat hoarder noticed the energizing effect the plant had on his flock. Since then coffee beans have been brewed and enjoyed by people.

Wholesale Prices

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Region: Central southern Ethiopia

Prime attributes: This coffee has a delicate cup profile. Strong floral of chamomile and jasmine interplaying with notes of dried apricot, honey. This coffee has a strong smell of caramel.

Roast: City, 100% Arabica

  Price £12/kg

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Region: Providencia, Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu Valley

Prime attributes: The bean has a blackberry, blood orange flavour with an underlying taste of toasted pistachio nut. This coffee is sweet all the way through to the finish with chocolate aftertaste.

Rost: City, 100% Arabica

Price £9.5/kg

Colombia Excelso Cauca

Region: South-western part of Colombia at the altitude of 1700m

Prime attributes: Coffee from that region is unique. It has a strong caramel like aroma and flavour with high acidity and medium body. It provides a well-balanced impression, is clean, mild with some sweet flower notes.

Roast: City, 100% Arabica

Price £10/kg

Brazil Santos

Region: Santos state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Prime attributes: Santos is nutty, sweet, low in acidity and develops exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast taste.

Roast: City, 100% Arabica

Price £9/kg


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